If you don’t like to use a computer

or if nice software with English language are not available (Frieve Audio: only Japanese),
as an alternative way, you can do exactly the same process (automatic compensation + manual equalizing) by integrating an external digital equalizer to your existing audio system;
BEHRINGER DEQ2496 Ultracurve Pro

http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/DEQ2496.aspx (English site)
no computers necessary
Digital In/Out and Analog In/Out available
approx. 40,000.- YEN in Japan
a microphone (option) necessary to perform automatic compensation

Although this equalizer is originally designed for music creators, many Japanese audio freaks are enjoying it quite comfortably.
http://audiolike.exblog.jp/ (Japanese site)

Possible Configurations;
(1) CD Player (Digital OUT) – (Digital IN) EQUALIZER (Digital OUT) – DAC – Amplifier
(2) CD Player (Digital OUT) – (Digital IN) EQUALIZER (Analog OUT) – Amplifier
(3) Analog Player or CD Player (Analog OUT) – (Analog IN) EQUALIZER (Analog OUT) – Amplifier

Sound Quality
(1) > (2) > (3)

(1) is strongly recommended.